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Latest News

2014 Cadillac ATS

Cadillac expands ATS sunroof recall


Nearly 67,000 Cadillac ATS sedans were recalled in February for issues with the power sunroof. Now the company has expanded that, adding more than 82,600 vehicles for the same problem.

According to Automotive News, the sunroof can open and close too easily with the toggle switch. Federal standards require them to operate with more force.

The recall affects ATS model years from 2013-2016. The dealer will replace the console switch for free. However, if you had your vehicle fixed because of the first recall, you have to get it fixed again. The replacement part used to fix the problem was also defective.

So far no crashes, injuries or deaths have been reported because of the issue. But due to the sunroof switch problem, sales for the ATS have been stopped. The 7,000 sedans will go back on sale once the problem is fixed.

The new 7-series is expected to feature a quad-turbo 3.0-liter straight-six diesel on the menu next year.

400-hp quad-turbo BMW diesels just around the corner?


Tri-turbos are sooo last season. Aiming to keep up with fashion BMW is reportedly working on quad-turbo engines, according to Autocar.

The Munich-based automaker already fielded a tri-turbo design in the X5 xDrive50d M Performance and the M550d, adding an electrically driven turbocharger for extra low-end boost pressure. The quad-turbo design could follow that with another electrically driven turbo, or BMW could opt to go the conventional route and simply add a second bi-turbo setup to the diesel inline-six.

The quad-turbo inline-six diesel engine is expected to debut in the M750d 7-series sedan in 2016, and it could also make a cameo appearance in the xDrive50d M Performance versions of the X5 and the X6 in the near term.

Latest Reviews

2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid review notes

Smooth operator


DIGITAL EDITOR ANDREW STOY: The Sonata Hybrid is so good it may have saved my marriage.

OK, so that's overselling it a bit, but it did prevent another argument over air conditioning thanks to a simple, brilliant feature: On the climate control panel, there's a button marked "Driver Only" with a fan symbol. Press it, and the fan only blows out of the driver's side vents, keeping the passenger from getting blasted by icy cold a/c on a hot summer day. Why said passenger wouldn't want air conditioning is beyond the scope of this article, but for the first time in a decade, all members of my immediate family were happy with the temperature in the same car at the same time.

Miracles, indeed.

The rest of our Sonata Hybrid Limited was more of the same -- it's an extremely well thought-out car, and what it may lack in sheer driving excitement is balanced by solid engineering and some careful attention to detail. For example, hybrid sedans have traditionally sacrificed interior room and trunk space for the sake of electrification. If the Sonata steals battery space, you'd never know it. The trunk is huge and flat, and rear passengers have as much legroom as I'd typically expect from cars a size larger like the Toyota Avalon or Hyundai's own Azera.

2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat

Autoweek in review

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