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Latest News

Chevrolet Camaro SS Ultimate Track Pack races around Spring Mountain, like God and engineer Mark Dickens intended.

Camaro SS aspires to greatness with Chevrolet's Ultimate Street and Track packs


The 2015 Chevrolet Camaro SS weighs in at 3,908 pounds. "But wait, there's more!" Chevrolet said, while at SEMA. "What if there was a way you could shed pounds on a racetrack, instantly?!"

Like most weight-loss solutions, it's all smoke and mirrors: Chevrolet's formula doesn't actually shed poundage. But there are two new suspension packages from Chevrolet Performance, both guaranteed to sharpen your cruiserweight SS: what if Chevrolet told you that with a few thousand dollars, your Camaro could feel newer, sprightlier, and even closer to the almighty Z/28? What if your musclecar SS could feel like a real sports car?

Each Bentley SUV will be built by a GIANT PAIR OF HANDS

Teaser video reminds us that the new Bentley SUV is totally happening, you guys


The Bentley SUV is a lot like the Maserati SUV -- we've been hearing about it for years, but still haven’t seen it in production guise (though we’ve been close). But Bentley wants to remind us that the luxury off-roader is happening, and to that end, the automaker has released another video on its preview site.

Between lots of high-concept vapidity (“we don’t see lines -- we see light”) Bentley makes the claim that this vehicle will be the “world’s first genuine luxury SUV.” We’re sure there are a couple of PR flacks in Coventry who have something to say about that, but the Bentley machine, which could be called “Falcon,” should sit somewhere above even the most loaded Rover in the luxury accoutrement deparment. Whether it will ever see terrain approaching the ruggedness of the teaser’s sand dunes remains to be seen.

Latest Reviews

2015 Audi S8 review notes


DIGITAL EDITOR ANDREW STOY: Thanks in part to our long-term S7, dropping into the S8 was like visiting an old friend -- the familiar V8 bark and smooth and incredibly capable brakes. I loved our S7, but the S8 drove me nuts for two days. Why? That’s how long I fought with the innocuous sounding “driver assistance package.” 

More specifically, active lane assist. It’s misnamed. This should be aggressive lane assist. Otherwise pleasant drives turned into a wrestling match between driver and S8 as the car fought lane changes, reasonable drift and every other maneuver that deviated from the car’s preprogrammed notions of where it was supposed to be on the road. Active lane assist does not assist. It insists, permitting overrides only with firm and persistent inputs from the driver. Decades of steering tuning perfected by German engineers are out the window in favor of an electric rack with a Napoleonic complex.

We tested the 2015 Mercedes Sprinter with its new 4x4 system this week.

Car reviews

What we drove the week of Nov. 2


We review hundreds of cars, trucks and SUVs every year here at Autoweek. With volume like that, it's easy for some interesting vehicles to slip through the cracks. We don't want you to miss a review of your dream car, so here's a summary of all the cars we tested last week.