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A number of vehicles across the VW AG lineup have been identified as possessing the emissions-cheating software. However, not all VW diesel engines are thought to have it.

German government

no evidence other automakers manipulated emissions tests


The German transport ministry has annouced that it has no evidence that automakers other than Volkswagen used emissions-cheating software in certification tests, Automotive News Europe and Reuters report.

"At this point we have no indication of other manufacturers being involved," a spokesperson for the ministry announced at a government press conference.

The announcement follows promises from the German government to conduct an investigation into diesel vehicles and their performance on emissions tests, as fears mounted last week that several automakers could have been using similar or different methods to pass emissions tests.

Still, it's prudent to point out that the VW diesel crisis is only two weeks old as of Oct. 2, and that greater efforts to test and certify vehicle emissions have been promised by a number of governments that have, until now, largely relied on self-reporting by automakers. Evidence of other automakers' use of software or other methods to skirt emissions regulations in foreign jurisdictions or in the U.S., if it exists, may take months to detect. It should also be noted that in today's statements, the German goverment did not definitively rule out other automakers' possible efforts to bypass EU or U.S. emissions regulations.

Watch the McLaren P1, Porsche 918 and LaFerrari on a track, together


In the last season of "Top Gear," the three presenters were hot on the idea of testing the McLaren P1, Porsche 918 and LaFerrari against each other. Because of certain circumstances, the sacking of Jeremy Clarkson among them, we were never able to see the glorious comparo. Until now.

The Supercar Driver YouTube channel managed to wrangle all three high-dollar hypercars at the Silverstone Circuit in England for a proper track day. It posted a teaser video late last week with BTCC driver Mat Jackson behind the wheel.

WorldCarFans reports that all three cars belong to a British enthusiast named Paul Bailey, who bought the P1, drove it to a Ferrari dealership and picked up the LaFerrari and then caravanned with his wife to the Porsche dealership. Apparently it's good to be the king.

Latest Reviews

Introducing the BMW X4 M40i, an M Performance take on the X4 sports activity coupe boasting higher output and a (moderately) more aggressive look.

Autoweek in review

Everything you missed Sept. 28-Oct. 2


Autoweek in review is where we bring you the biggest stories in the car world that you might have missed this week. Whether you were actually getting some work done or you stepped away from your computer for a moment, here's your chance to catch up and have something cool to talk about over the weekend.

2016 Ford Explorer Platinum first drive

Kitchen sink crossover


What is it?

It’s a Range Rover with a Ford badge ... which you’d think would be a Lincoln, but over in Dearborn, Michigan, the trademark for Blue Oval luxury is now Platinum.

If you’re not familiar with the basic vehicle, go read our 2016 Ford Explorer first drive; it’s essentially a substantial midcycle refresh of one of Ford’s best-selling models, intended to improve everything without messing with the successful base formula. There’s money at the top of the market, though, and with a base price starting at $53,000, the Explorer Platinum aims for customers who simply “want everything” in a simple, prepackaged model; according to Ford, there are quite a few of those buyers ripe for the picking. 

Platinum is also meant to peel customers away from imports that may not have as much